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Key Figures

From January to December 2020

People in Need of Nutrition in Emergencies Assistance
People Target for Nutrition in Emergencies Assistance
People Reached for Nutrition in Emergencies Assistance
Funding Requested

Featured Countries

879K people in need of nutrition assistance in 2019

System-wide emergency was activated on 22 March 2019

135K people in need of nutrition assistance in 2019

Nutrition Cluster was activated on 17 October 2018

4.7M people in need of nutrition assistance in 2019

Nutrition sector coordination ongoing

Global Nutrition Cluster (GNC) support dashboard is an information management tool that visually tracks, analyzes and displays key performance indicators regarding GNC operational support to countries. It is real-time monitoring of both direct and indirect support since 1st March 2020.  Its user-friendly with regional filter option and several pages for easy navigation. The summary table provides list of GNC priority countries and an overview of different types of support that GNC-CT provides.

Direct support is divided into six categories:

  • Help desks for one on one support to countries.
  • Regional and country calls on coordination and nutrition in emergency technical matters.
  • Webinars on coordination and nutrition in emergency technical matters.
  • Experienced Cluster coordinators and IMOs providing mentoring to new and less experienced mentees.
  • In-country and remote deployment of RRTs, Tech-RRTs, and Standby partner experts.
  • Training packages delivered remotely due to COVID-19

Use of GNC online guidance and tools is considered as indirect support. The GNC website has wealth of information. The Web-Analytic page provides information on how the GNC website is performing in terms of number of visitors, their location, what they are looking for and showing how much of traffic is coming from each channel.

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