Publication: 01.Dec.2022

Check out the GNC and Alliance November newsletter! We are focusing this newsletter on the inclusion of disability and GBV into nutrition responses and the incredible work being done in this area. 

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Publication: 28.Nov.2022

The Nutrition Cluster in Tigray region of Ethiopia owes the government, the public, cluster donors, and the humanitarian community information on the current situation in the region, especially after the resumption of escalated conflict in the last week of August 2022. 

There are numerous obstacles to overcome and any delay in action will only endanger the…

Publication: 09.Nov.2022

The Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET) and more than a dozen international organizations have posted a joint statement describing the already dire and deteriorating food security crisis in the eastern Horn of Africa. The Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia drought response plans are only 50 percent funded despite escalating needs, severely limiting…

Publication: 02.Nov.2022

Depending on where you live, the leaves are falling or the trees and flowers are blooming. Here in the Global North, the leaves are beginning to fall, but later than usual. Clearly that has impacted us and as a result, our October newsletter is also falling a bit later. But we will not disappoint and have much to share with you, including a Global Focus on Niger…

Publication: 29.Sep.2022

With the end of summer and the beginning of autumn (in the Northern Hemisphere) upon us, we are fully recharged and have a lot to share with you in this month's newsletter. Have a look inside this issue to see what we and our partners have been up to.

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