The Strategic Advisory Group (SAG), provides strategic advice to both the GNC CT and the Technical Alliance to guide direction of GNC actions, thus holistically supporting the implementation of the GNC Strategy.

The SAG is composed of representatives from GNC partners: three NGO partners, four UN agencies (UNICEF, WHO, WFP and UNHCR) and one Nutrition Cluster Coordinator. The role of the SAG is to ensure that the GNC partners benefit from strategies that are consistent with the public interest of the Nutrition Cluster members and the vulnerable populations we serve.

In addition, the SAG:

  • Commits to fulfilling the activities outlined in the GNC annual meeting;
  • Supports the GNC-CT and Alliance by monitoring the progress of the GNC Work Plan;
  • Participates in online monthly meetings on the second Wednesday of each month with needs based ad-hoc meetings scheduled when necessary.

For more details on the responsibility of SAG members, please view the terms of reference of the GNC SAG, available here.


Stefano Fedele


Megan Gayford

GNC Technical Alliance co-chair (UNICEF)

Anuradha Narayan


Andrew Beckingham

GNC Technical Alliance co-chair (Save the Children)


Alexandra Rutishauser Perera

Action Against Hunger UK

Kate Golden

Concern Worldwide

David Rizzi


Gwenaelle Garnier


Ines Lezama

Nutrition Cluster Coordinator - Ethiopia

Terry Njeri Theuri




Zita Weise Prinzo


Hermann Ouedraogo

Nutrition Cluster Coordinator - Afghanistan


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