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We have focused this newsletter on our GNC Global Meeting that recently took place. Inside, you will find a link to incredible resources, including inspiring presentations and videos from both the three day main meeting and the side-events.

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One in four people in Somalia need urgent humanitarian food assistance to prevent critical nutritional gaps or malnutrition. This immediate assistance is also needed to stop people from rapidly depleting their livelihood assets – including crops and livestock – which have been severely affected by prolonged droughts in recent years. 

Global acute…


Check out our December newsletter here. To start this year off, we are holding the GNC Annual Meeting (virtually) at the end of January, where the GNC Collective (CT, The Alliance and Technical Support Team) and the Alliance Global Thematic Working Groups (GTWGs) will be sharing updates from 2022. Hop on over to the GNC website to learn more…


Malnutrition is a global health problem affecting one-in-three children and the leading cause of morbidity and mortality among children under five years. However, there has been limited focus on preventing and managing malnutrition among infants less than six months compared to children six to 59 months. As a result, malnutrition in infants under six months…


In 2022, the GNC Technical Alliance supported nutrition responses with technical in-country and remote in-depth support and advice across 15 countries this year including, Honduras, Myanmar, Burkina Faso, Somalia and Afghanistan. While each country, organization, community, and context is unique, we were reminded of some big-picture “best practices” this year that…

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