Our platform provides technical assistance to nutrition actors in emergencies since 2020

We’re excited to announce that we’ve received 1,000 requests for technical nutrition support in emergencies via our support platform, since the formation of the Technical Alliance in 2020.

And 145 of them are still ongoing!

These requests come…


Our journey began as an agenda item on a team call of what was then a group of just seven technical nutrition actors that made up the Technical Rapid Response Team [1]. This was in June 2020, a month after the murder of George Floyd in the United States.

Momentum may have…


Roughly one in 6 people worldwide have a disability and experience a host of additional risks and challenges because of the barriers they face. For example, persons with disabilities are twice as likely to develop conditions such as asthma and diabetes and have a life expectancy up to 20 years shorter than those without disabilities.

Persons with…


Across all societies, women and girls are at greater risk of experiencing gender-based violence (GBV) than men and boys – especially during their adolescent years and in humanitarian crises and emergencies. 

In fact, one in three women will experience GBV in their lifetime.

According to UNICEF, GBV includes any physical, sexual, mental, or…

Martha, our CMAM Advisor from Uganda, providing a Training of Trainers in Somalia   How We Prioritise Local Expertise

As part of our journey, the TST has identified some lessons learned around our efforts to prioritise local and regional expertise in the provision of technical support. Part of our learning was around exploring the value of contextual…

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