L2 Emergency

Coordination mechanism: Formally activated Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) Cluster
Year of activation: 2008
NCC: UNICEF Fixed-Term, International Professional (P4)
Deputy: Action Contre la Faim
IMO: Fixed-Term, International Professional (P3)
Coordination arrangement: National Cluster at Kabul-level, with five sub-national
clusters in Herat, Mazar, Nangarhar, Kandahar and Kabul, respectively

Country Key Contacts

Koki Kyalo

Nutrition Cluster Coordinator kkyalo@unicef.org

Victor Mallelah

Deputy Coordinator nut-clusterco@af-actionagainsthunger.org

Qutab Alam

Information Management Specialist qalam@unicef.org

Annual report 2023

January to December 2023

Current Challenges
  • In 2022, the nutrition cluster conducted National SMART surveys that provided up-to-date information on malnutrition at the provincial level. A similar plan was put in place for 2023, but implementation challenges made it infeasible. 
  • In 2023 there were funding gaps in some nutrition interventions and delay in FTS updates.
  • The authorities' bureaucratic processes in some instances have cost delay in implementations.  
  • The uncertainties and restrictions impeded emergency nutrition programming by various ways, including population displacements, destabilization of the health system, denial of female aid worker rights, weak banking system and related financial sector problems, and in-country constrained road and air transport and prolonged customs and border clearances of supplies.
  • Rationalizations of Mobile Health and Nutrition Team (MHNT) 
  • The occurrence of natural disasters (earthquake, floods, severe winter and drought) requiring emergency response to the already fragile populations in dire humanitarian needs has led strain on the available resources.
Advocacy, Intersectoral Collaboration and Preparedness
Advocacy Survey
Country Advocacy Strategy developedNo
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Advocacy activities included in annual work planNo
Specific WG leading advocacy work establishedNo
Contingency plan or ERP plan developed/updatedYes
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Intersectoral Collaboration (ISC)
Intersectoral projects currently under implementationYes
Clusters engaged

Key Figures



Number of SAM under-five children in need
Number of MAM under-five children in need
Number of children 6-59 months in need of BSFP- Blanket Supplementary Feeding Programme
Number of children 6-59 months in need of Vitamin A Supplementation
Number of children 6-59 months in need of Micronutrient Powder Supplementation
Number of PLW counselled (one-on-one) on IYCF
Number of moderately acutely malnourished PLW in need
Number of PLW in need Of BSFP
Number of PW in need of iron/folate supplementation

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