Coordination mechanism: cluster
Year of activation: 2013
Coordination arrangement: lead by UNICEF, co-lead by ACH
Subnational hubs: national level coordination in Guatemala City

Country Key Contacts

María Claudia Santizo

Nutrition cluster coordinator

Mid-year report 2021

January to June 2021

Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO)

No HNO performed in first semester 2021.

Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP)

No HRP performed in first semester 2021.

Current Challenges

1. Response to emergency of November 2020 due to ETA and IOTA storms in addition to COVID 19 was the main challenge in the first semester .

2. Not enough funding to respond to all affected popullations in an adequate manner .

3. Not standarized response from the cluster members in the storm response.

4. Need human resources for nutrition in emergencies response.

5. Limieted response to nutrition care by health services do to COVID 19 made more difficult to response to nutrition care in response to storms.

6. HNO and HRP starts in the second semester 2021.

Key Figures in 2021


Funding in 2021

Number of SAM under-five children in need 2021
Number of MAM under-five children in need 2021
Number of children 6-23 months in need of BSFP- Blanket Supplementary Feeding Programme 2021
Number of children 6-59 months in need of Vitamin A Supplementation 2021
Number of children 6-59 months in need of Micronutrient Supplementation 2021
Pregnant and Lactating Women

Total Partners

UN agencies


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