Coordination mechanism: Sector
Year of activation: 2020
Coordination arrangement: National level: Lead UNICEF, co-lead: ACF

Country Key Contacts

Amirhossein Yarparvar

Health & Nutrition Specialist ayarparvar@unicef.org

Mira El Mokdad

Deputy Cluster Coordinator mmokdad@lb.acfspain.org

Christelle Bercachy

Information Management Officer cbercachy@unicef.org

End-year report 2022

January to December 2022

Current Challenges

1-Weak Governance and leadership for Nutrition due to political fragmentation.

2- Heavily compromised maternal, Infant and Young Child Feeding Enviroment. Unsolicited donations and use of infant formula and commercial complementary food is on the rise.

3- Operational access constraints in selected insecure locations limiting provision of nutrition services at scale.

4- Constrained human resource for health, limiting the integration of nutrition services in primary health care package.

5-Lack of resources: more resources to be allocated too Nutrition sector 

6-Complexity between 2 response plan which creates difficulty in response between Lebanon crisis response plan and emergency response plan 



Advocacy, Intersectoral Collaboration and Preparedness
Advocacy Survey
Country Advocacy Strategy developed Yes
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Advocacy activities included in annual work plan No
Specific WG leading advocacy work established No
Contingency plan or ERP plan developed/updated Yes
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Intersectoral Collaboration (ISC)
Intersectoral projects currently under implementation No
Clusters engaged
Lebanon Crisis Response Plan 2023

The nutrition sector has recently been established as a stand alone sector under the Lebanon Crisis Response Plan 2023.

Key Figures



Number of SAM under-five children in need
Number of MAM under-five children in need
Number of children 6-59 months in need of Micronutrient Powder Supplementation
Number of children 6-23 months in need of BSFP- Blanket Supplementary Feeding Programme
Number of children 6-59 months in need of Vitamin A Supplementation
Number of PLW counselled (one-on-one) on IYCF
Number of moderately acutely malnourished PLW in need
Number of PLW in need Of BSFP
Number of PW in need of iron/folate supplementation

Nutrition Sector Partners

Total Partners

UN agencies


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