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Caseload, targets and supplies calculation tool (nutrition cluster)

The tool: An Excel workbook designed to aid calculation of caseloads, targets and supplies for Nutrition Cluster interventions as per available guidance. There are five different sheets in the tool:NC Caseload target and supplies calculator

  •  CMAM – to calculate caseload for SAM and MAM treatment in children 6-59 months and AM treatment in pregnant and lactating women (PLW). The data to be entered per admin 2 level (ex. district, county).
  •  Other interventions – to calculate caseload for all other Nutrition Cluster interventions such as IYCF counseling, Blanket supplementary feeding programmes, micronutrient supplementation and others. The data to be entered per admin 2 level (ex. district, county).
  •  Selected supplies – to facilitate estimation of main nutrition supplies (for SAM and MAM treatment, BSFP and artificial feeding).
  •  CMAM summary, Other interventions summary – automatic pivot table to present population in need per admin 1 level (ex. State, Oblast) and grant total for the whole country.


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