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Publication: 17.06.2021

MAMI Care Pathway Package: from vision to action webinar

MAMI Global Network launch MAMI Care Pathway Package. 

Tackling malnutrition is a global health priority, helping children both survive and thrive. A large proportion of infants under six months of age in the world are identified as malnourished (wasted, stunted and/or underweight) and are at increased risk of death, disease, and poor development.

Challenges faced by frontline practitioners in the management of small and nutritionally at risk infants under six months and their mothers (MAMI) prompted the MAMI Global Network to develop the MAMI Care Pathway Package (formerly the C-MAMI Tool) to fill this urgent gap. Modelled on an integrated care pathway approach and Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI), it provides implementation guidance and resources for adaptation, integration, and linkages across existing neonatal, health and nutrition systems and services.

We are delighted to launch the MAMI Care Pathway Package and as part of the launch we will be holding an orientation webinar to learn more about the package, ask questions and explore how best we can transform MAMI care together. The webinar will be held on Friday 2nd July 2021 1400-1530 BST.  To register, please follow the link below. 

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