The GNC’s mentoring programme complements other GNC capacity strengthening initiatives, such as our training sessions and in-country support. The aim of the programme is to enhance knowledge transfer and build confidence in the key areas of nutrition cluster coordination, information management and nutrition in emergency programming, in order to enhance the timeliness, appropriateness and effectiveness of nutrition responses in emergencies.

In contrast to a general training approach, the mentoring process seeks to develop individual mentor-mentee relationships in order to explore specific themes or areas of interest. The programme regularly matches experienced nutrition cluster coordinators, information managers and NiE specialists with field-based nutrition staff who are seeking to boost their capacity and competencies in a specific area. The programme uses the GROW mentoring model (Goal, current Reality, Options, Way forward) to discuss particular issues, aspirations or challenges that the mentee may be facing. Mentors work as guides to help mentees identify and develop practical solutions to enhance collective nutrition responses.

The GNC solicits applications for its mentoring programme on a bi-annual basis.

  • Selected mentees are requested to complete a mentee self-assessment form and mentors and mentees are subsequently matched according to their profile and skill set – based on the needs assessed.
  • Regular mentoring discussions are scheduled over a period of six weeks to explore a specific theme or challenge. The topics covered in the mentoring discussions are regular reviewed by the GNC-CT and are used to determine collective needs and areas for further support. In addition, the regular appraisal of needs helps with the preparation and agenda setting of the GNC’s monthly webinars.
  • At the end of the mentoring process, mentees re-appraise their areas of competence and determine their own progress in meeting their goals. Mentees may then benefit from mentoring training, provided by the GNC, to graduate to become mentors themselves in a specific field/area of competence.

GNC Mentoring Programme

GNC mentoring process

For further information on the GNC’s mentoring programme, including details on how to apply, please contact the GNC Coordination Helpdesk using the following form.

GNC mentoring resources 

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