Webinar: 'Sharing and Learning Café': WHO/UNICEF IYCF Indicators: challenges and opportunities in humanitarian contexts

In the early months of 2021, the IFE Core Group and the Global Nutrition Information System Technical Working Group with the support of the SMART Initiative agreed to review practices when conducting IYCF-E Assessments and make needed recommendations on consensus-driven evidence for field implementation. Together with the SMART Initiative at Action Against Hunger Canada, Save the Children conducted a mapping exercise focusing on the nutrition clusters, sectors and coordination mechanisms to identify the methodologies used when conducting IYCF-E assessments between February and March 2021.  Among the findings and recommendations of the exercise, the need to better understand how to adapt the WHO/UNICEF IYCF Indicators for emergency and humanitarian contexts and purposes. 

During this webinar the IFE Core Group and NIS GTWG will:

disseminate the findings and recommendations of the IYCF-E assessment mapping exercise, raise awareness on the updated WHO/UNICEF IYCF indicators, and discuss opportunities challenges and best practices for using the IYCF indicators in emergency contexts. 

Webinar recording is available here: https://youtu.be/3C1qLhKecI0 


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