Request support on coordination, information management, integration for nutrition outcomes or technical nutrition in emergencies assistance.

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When an emergency strikes breastfeeding can save lives (Part 2) Part 1 was released after the Tsunami 2004: See Tsunami, 2004: When an Emergency Strikes Breastfe...

US Breastfeeding Committee urges support of b/feeding in aftermath of Katrina

Hurricane, Katrina, USA 19th Sept 2005. United States Breastfeeding Committee

Support for breastfeeding in crucial for infant health in the aftermath of natural disasters Issued after Hurricane Katrina - gives guidance.

Responses to the Tsunami disaster and infant feeding

Says why it is a problem and links to SCF statement and WHO statement Baby Milk Action also got same press release but with an added b...

Interpreting and Using Humanitarian Mortality Data in Humanitarian Emergencies. A primer for non-epidemiologists

Mortality data, properly collected, interpreted and used, have much to contribute to the appropriateness and effectiveness of humanitar...

Infant Feeding in Emergencies

INFACT Canada Newsletter Winter 2005 Discusses boxing day tsunami, and that the WHA says to take care in emergencies. Also looks at th...


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