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WIC Facts Newsletter - Be prepared at all times

A leaflet for people to get prepared during hurricane season. Emphasises the importance of breastfeeding and ready-to-use formula. The ...

WHO guiding principles of feeding non-breastfed children 6-24 months

There are a number of infants who will not enjoy the benefits of breastfeeding. They include children born to HIV-positive mothers who ...

When an emergency strikes breastfeeding can save lives (Part 2) Part 1 was released after the Tsunami 2004: See Tsunami, 2004: When an Emergency Strikes Breastfe...

Use of Milks and Breastmilk Substitutes in Emergency Situations. CARE Question and Answer Discussion

Please note that CARE is one of the core members of the IFE Core Group that has produced the Operational Guidance on IFE, Modules 1 and...

USAID breastfeeding policy

Breastfeeding - USAID Background Paper ADS Chapter 212 - Breastfeeding Promotion Policy. Available online at:

US Breastfeeding Committee urges support of b/feeding in aftermath of Katrina

Hurricane, Katrina, USA 19th Sept 2005. United States Breastfeeding Committee

Tsunami survivors queueing for formula milk in Sri Lanka, News video

Also available from:…

Support for breastfeeding in crucial for infant health in the aftermath of natural disasters Issued after Hurricane Katrina - gives guidance.


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