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State of the Evidence 2021-Modifications Aiming to Optimize Acute Malnutrition Management in Children under Five

Acute malnutrition impacts almost 50 million children under five each year (1), with the COVID-19 pandemic putting an additional 6.7 mi...

NiE and COVID-19 training package

Adapted Emergency Nutrition programing Guidance during COVID-19 Pandemic-Volunteers Training Package developed by UNICEF and nutrition ...

MAMI Care Pathway Package, Version 3 (2021)

The MAMI Care Pathway Package provides practitioners with a resource to screen, assess, and manage small and nutritionally at risk infa...

LAC serie sobre Nutrición, COVID-19, migración: seminario #3: CMAM

Seminario #3 - Nutrición en emergencias en el contexto de COVID-19 y migración: Atención nutricional a niños/as menores de 5 años con d...

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