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Working Together in Emergencies: Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies

SCN News 34, 2007: 37-42 Outlines the background and work of the IFE Core Group and highlights issues.

Working together in emergencies

SCN News 2007: 37-42 Available online at: Outlines the background and work o...

Why infant formula causes deaths due to diarrhoea

A paper that describes how the use of infant formula contributes to diarrhoea in emergency and resource limited settings. Explains the ...

WHO Statement on iron supplementation in malarious regions

WHO Statement on iron supplementation of young children in regions where malaria transmission is intense and infectious disease highly ...

WHO global data bank on breastfeeding and complementary feeding

Can put in survey details to add to data and also search it for background data on a country. Entry web page is here.

When disasters happen: Breastfeeding in Emergencies

Date not known. Made for the US. Taken from the website: All moms should be encouraged to breastfeed, it is best for the baby and mom....

Water and fuel needs: Breastfeeding is Environmental Friendly

BPNI = Breastfeeding Promotion Network of India. June 2007 based on World Breastfeeding Week 2007 folder of material Includes info on...

UNHCR Handbook for Emergencies, Third Edition

A reference tool which serves to reinforce a common understanding among the many key actors in emergency situations.

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