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Women & Infants Service Package (WISP): Planning for Emergencies,1 Women & Infants Service Package (WISP): Planning for Emergenc...

With poverty so immense, how we help is crucial

Tanya Plibersek, Australian politician, comments on Australian foreign policy, and inappropriate use of infant formula

WHO: Ensuring Optimal Feeding of Infants and Children During Emergencies (old)

Two very similar statements both available on the web stating the WHO policy on IFE. The second one ENSURING OPTIMAL FEEDING OF INFANTS...

WHO/FAO guidelines for the safe preparation, storage and handling of powdered infant formula

IMPORTANT NOTE: These guidelines, leaflets and poster have NOT been made with the emergency setting in mind. Hence pictures of bottle f...

Weighing scales for young infants: A survey of relief workers

Field Exchange 29 December 2006, p.11 Survey of weighing scales used for young infants, by staff working in emergencies. This led to t...

USAID breastfeeding promotion

Three parts of the USAID breastfeeding promotion policy.

UNHCR policy related to the acceptance, distribution, and use of milk products in refugee settings

UNHCR policy on use of milk products in infant feeding in refugee settings. Originally written in 1989, and updated in 2006 with the he...

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