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WHO guiding principles for feeding infants and young children during emergencies

Sets out the 10 guiding principles on feeding of infants and young children during emergencies to prevent excess morbidity and mortalit...

Wet Nursing: A village destroyed, the count goes on

Farouque F. Sydney Morning Herald 2004; 31 December.

Targeting Food Aid in Emergencies (2004)

Provides guidance on the design of food aid targeting systems in emergencies. This was a special supplement to Field Exchange issue 22...

SAM in children and infants debate

Objectives The objectives of the Consultation that took place in Geneva from 6 - 7 September 2004 were to: critically review new evid...

Review of the published literature for the impact and cost-effectiveness of six nutrition related interventions

Review of the published evidence for the impact and cost-effectiveness of 6 key humanitarian interventions commonly implemented in emer...

Report of a Consultation to Review Current Literature on Severe Malnutrition

Has a chapter about infants < 6 months and malnutrition, renal solute load etc.

Redefining the role of food aid

The principal objective of food aid, besides responding to needs created by conflict, and other disasters, should be to provide an insu...

Protect and Survive

Mainly general with small bit on breastfeeding, done in 48 hours using the Create toolkit. Covers the main 'facts for life' messages it...


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