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The reality of research in emergencies

Field Exchange 9, March 2000 p.12-13 Looks at issues / difficulties of conducting IFE reserach and assessments. Uses the example of Ko...

Supplemental Suckling: Infant Feeding in a TFP

Field Exchange 9, March 2000, page 7. Discusses supplemental suckling technique and provides tips.

Solidarity and Soup Kitchens: A review of principles and practice for food distribution in conflict.

Technical paper of current principles and practice for food distribution in conflict. The objective of the report is to assist humanita...

Severe malnutrition: going from emergency to post-emergency management

An Msc thesis: a study of the effect of handing over a TFC to either a local hospital (with medical staff turnover - no turnover of nur...

Processed complementary food in the World Food Programme

Dijkhuizen. P (2000): Processed complementary foods in the World Food Programme. Food and Nutrition Bulletin, vol 21, no 1 pp 62-64. S...

Management of the child with a serious infection or severe malnutrition. Guidelines for care at the first referral level in developing countries

An IMCI guideline, based primarily on WHO 'Manual for physicians and other senior health workders on the management of severe malnutrit...

Management of severe malnutrition in Africa

A PhD thesis and a major piece of work that contributed to the amendments in the WHO (1999) protocol on SAM to pay attention to the cri...


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