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Water requirements of malnourished children in extreme hot and dry environments

An MSc thesis studying water turnover in SAM children in Tchad which followed the indentification of many children with hypernatraemic ...

Various articles

Sept / Oct 1999 Includes articles on: Relief strategies must include plans for infant feeding In emergencies, breastfeeding is safest...

Report on Breastfeeding Consultancy

Report on consultance from Sept - Dec 1999, detailing breastfeeding rates, information and training.

Re-lactation, hand expression and cup feeding a brief guide for aid workers

Annex VIII form the Ad hoc committee report on IFE. Policy, Strategy & Practice, 1999

Nutritional status and survival in the siege of Turmanburg-Liberia

An MSc thesis reporting an experience in Liberia where many hundreds of SAM patients were treated only during the day with a very low m...

Nutrition, infant feeding and weaning survey

Anthropometric Nutritional & Infant Feeding and weaning survey, ACF, 15-27 July 1999 AND Infant Feeding and Weaning Report. AAH, Ju...

Mother-baby tents - Albanian camp provides support

Mothers and babies benefit from a place of their own: Two success stories. (1) Albanian camp provides support (2) Story from Honduras...

Mother-baby corners: Emergency shelters become baby friendly in Honduras Part taken from IBFAN website on IFE but referenced to BFHI News, UNIC...


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