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Use of milk powder in Emergencies - Oxfam's position

This policy was drawn up in 1997. It is only used occasionally when country offices enquire about milk powder distributions. Note, many...

The Gulf War, child nutrition and feeding practices in Iraq

Mary C. Smith Fawzi ScD, Walid Aldoori M.D. ScD, Wafaie W. Fawzi M.D. DrPH and Nagib Armijo-Hussein M.D. MPH Nutrition Research, Volume...

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Breastfeeding promotion: a vital emergency intervention disregarded?

Breastfeeding promotion: a vital emergency intervention disregarded? Patten T. Afr Health. 1997 Sep;19(6):24 Abstract: PIP: This artic...

Breastfeeding lowers the frequency and duration of acute respiratory infection and diarrhea in infants under six months of age

Write up of research study in the Journal of Nutrition. Reference: Lopez Alarcon M, Villalpando S, Fajardo A. J Nutr 1997 Mar; 127(3):4...

Breastfeeding Health worker guides WHO

Breastfeeding - How to support success. A practical guide for health workers. WHO, 1997. By Tine Vinther & Elisabet Helsing. www.e...


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