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ERP Step-by-step guide

GNC has developed this guidance to help country level Nutrition Clusters, nutrition sector coordination, and nutrition working groups, ...

The Preparedness actions workplan

The below are simple templates for a Preparedness actions workplan. An example Preparedness actions workplan for an imaginary coun...

ERP plan template

This template for a multi-risk ERP plan was derived from the IASC ERP plan template and adjusted to align it to the GNC ERP step-by-ste...

The GNC ERP step-by-step guide

The GNC ERP step-by-step guide includes: Instructions for an 8-step ERP planning process When and whom to engage during each step o...

ERP 2-pager

How prepared is your Nutrition Cluster / sector to respond to the next emergency? Why is it important to have an emergency response pla...

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