Wasting Checklist

The nutrition in emergencies checklist is a tool designed to help each in country nutrition sector or cluster review and reflect on the service delivery aspect of the nutrition in emergency response. The checklist is to be used at least once a year by the nutrition sector or cluster coordination country team – or any in-country nutrition in emergency mechanism- to self-assess the quality of the service delivery aspect of the nutrition response before, during and/or after a crisis.

The checklist is organized by nutrition in emergency themes, the four main themes are Part I. Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies, Part II. Wasting Management, Part III. Nutrition Information Systems and Part IV. Micronutrients Supplementation. Under each theme, a set of questions are asked in the left column to prompt reflection, elements of the answer and examples from other countries are under the right-hand column. The questions under each theme span the humanitarian program cycle. Please use it with the corresponding Excel tool.

This below checklist is specifically in relation to part II. Wasting management, it is designed to support nutrition cluster and/or in country wasting TWG in the review of the capacity under this theme. As this checklist is constantly being improved, if you are looking to use this tool and/or if you have feedback on this tool please contact us via the GNC support button.


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