Unconditional cash transfers to reduce food insecurity for displaced households and assist in the repatriation of people to their villages of origin - Niger (CaLP)

In 2012, Niger was affected by a food crisis that caused large population displacements. The NGO Arbeiter- Samariter-Bund Deutschland e.V. (ASB) distributed unconditional cash transfers in areas of food insecurity to improve food access for those displaced and those affected, and to help repatriate people to their villages of origin in the Zinder, Agadez and Maradi regions. By means of cash transfers, ASB repatriated 672 internally displaced households to their communities of origin in time for the sowing season (June, 2012). This CaLP case study outlines the project, looks at the impacts of the cash transfers as well as the challenges, solutions and lessons learned. http://www.cashlearning.org/resources/library/420-calp-case-study---unc…§or=all&modality=all&language=all&payment_method=all&document_type=all&searched=1&x=26&y=17¤tpage=8


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