RapidPro - an open-source app store

UNICEF Innovation launched RapidPro, an open-source app store for international development. RapidPro allows UNICEF, governments, and partners to quickly build applications that connect users to critical real-time information and services. Video: http://youtu.be/4Tm7Gylq1tA RapidPro allows users to more easily build mobile-based applications from anywhere in the world. These applications – including U-report for polling of young people and EduTrac for school monitoring – have achieved significant impact and scale over the last seven years, but have been implemented as separate projects. With RapidPro, for the first time, they are all housed on one platform, from which they can be easily deployed and customized without specialized technology skills. RapidPro enables governments and development partners to collect fast, actionable data for assessing the effectiveness of their programmes, and making sure that voices of young people are included in national decision-making processes. UNICEF is already working with several of these partners on RapidPro, firmly positioning real-time information systems in the development space and promoting a new, open way of doing business. RapidPro in Action You may already be familiar with some of the applications that are being brought onto the RapidPro platform – for example, in Afghanistan, Burundi, Mali, Nigeria, Pakistan, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe. They include: 1. U-report in Nigeria - Engaging young people in polls on issues that matter most to them. 2. EduTrac in Afghanistan - Remotely connecting teachers in Kandahar to monitor education outcomes in the classroom. 3. mHERO for Ebola Response in Liberia - Connecting with frontline health workers in response to the Ebola outbreak. 4. Polio in Pakistan - Facilitating communication and motivation of frontline staff in Polio eradication campaigns. More applications will be available through the RapidPro platform. For the first six months following launch (October 2014 – March 2015), the Global Innovation Centre will provide extensive training and support to UNICEF Country Offices interested in deploying and scaling-up RapidPro. This will be done through a set of virtual and on-the-ground mechanisms. For more information on RapidPro workshops and webinars, visit: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TWmpoPk_0n3fH5TgUCCOfBFWNZZ53NHHGSiNCmmtOLU/edit?usp=sharing​ For more information on RapidPro, visit: http://unicefstories.org/2014/09/22/small-messages-big-changes-unicef-launches-rapidpro/ www.rapidpro.io http://unicef.rapidpro.io/  Main points of contact for RapidPro are Kidus Asfaw (kasfaw@unicef.org) and Stuart Campo (scampo@unicef.org).


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