Partners reporting tool (nutrition cluster)

The tool: Adaptable Excel template for partner reporting. The template includes various possible interventions and suggesting indicators to monitor and should be adapted in country based on the Cluster activities in the Humanitarian Response Plan by removing not relevant blocks and possibly adding/changing some indicators. While developing the monitoring and reporting system in country, even if not using the tool, it is recommended to review it as it has a number of indicators that has been selected at global level based on experience from different countries and incorporates best practices in selecting monitoring indicators (note: while adapting the tool remember to keep as "light" as possible). The tool consists of two templates:

  • The template for reporting of one site's (or admin level) activities
  • The template for reporting of up to 10 site's (or admin level) activities

If you need any support in adapting the templates or designing your monitoring and reporting system, please contact


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