MENA Regional Coordination Meeting

The purpose of this meeting was to provide a platform for sharing experiences and knowledge between countries, strengthen collaboration between the sector/cluster coordination teams at all levels and key regional and global partners as well as providing feedback to global priorities for consideration during the upcoming 2024 GNC annual meeting. 

In total, 143 individuals attended virtually.

Objectives were as follows:

  • Sharing experiences, challenges and priorities between country, regional and global level

  • Update and share experiences on identified key thematic areas 

  • Update participants on global and regional specific strategic priorities and shifts to meet the current food and nutrition crisis. 

This year to innovate, we are sharing recordings cut by session! In the agenda below, you will find a column on the right of the document, with the links to all session's recording. No need to listen to the whole meeting, you can pick the session you are interested in! 

Also, find below the ppt presentation for the entire event.


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