IYCF Programming in the context of COVID-19

Save the Children and the TechRRT with input from the IFE Core Group have developed an IYCF/IYCF-E program adaptation tool for use in the context of COVID-19. This tool will assist program implementers in determining scale up/scale down of IYCF/IYCF-E activities in response to COVID-19, at national or sub national levels. This relates to the 1) Mobility of staff, community agents and or population 2) Restrictions or limitations related to meetings, trainings, and gatherings  and 3) Other related measures.

This tool is not meant to illustrate the “How”. Further guidance on programmatic adaptations and on reducing viral transmission while ensuring the effective delivery of different IYCF/IYCF-E services/ activities in the COVID-19 context can be found in the resources section of the document.

This IYCF-E program adaptation tool in the context of COVID-19 is a generic guidance and should be used in alignment with the national and/or subnational guidance developed for the COVID-19 context.



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