Indicators registry (nutrition cluster)

The tool: Nutrition Cluster indicators registry includes Needs Assessment and analysis framework, as two sets of indicators to accompany it: needs assessment and performance monitoring indicators. It is recommended that the nutrition cluster use or adapt the indicators for their response, including for Humanitarian Response Plan monitoring and for individual projects.  To facilitate use of indicators, Global Nutrition Cluster has developed "Humanitarian Response Plan tips" where each areas of interventions linked to the specific indicators from this database. About the humanitarian indicators registry:  The registry is a guidance tool for countries to select indicators, and where possible seek standard definitions and applications of those indicators. It lists the principal needs and response monitoring indicators for each cluster and provides a unique identifier, similar to a p-code, for every indicator. The reference indicators may be used to track needs over time and to support monitoring along the programme cycle. They can be used for analysis and reporting and may feature in humanitarian needs overviews, strategic planning and monitoring documents,



humanitarian dashboards and bulletins.


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