GNC Technical Alliance Update

GNC Technical Alliance Update

Since 2017, the GNC has been operating with two critical support arms: 1) coordination/IM via the GNC Coordination Team, and 2) technical support via the GNC Technical Alliance. While there is significant overlap in how these two arms deliver support, both arms have maintained separate external-facing brands identities. This has resulted in confusion about the perceived purposes and functions of the two arms and their relationship to one another.   

To communicate our support and services more clearly to nutrition actors and improve their experience with us,  we’ve decided to bring the two arms of support into one unified, global brand moving forward to create one holistic support platform. A webinar was conducted on 6 December to bring to light this change and how it may affect you.

Have questions? Please read this article and this FAQ page to learn more.

Below is a link to the presentation and here is a link to the recordings (Arabic, English, French and Spanish).


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