GNC Localisation Roadmap 2024-2025

The purpose of the GNC Localisation Roadmap 2024-2025 is to provide an overview of the GNC’s current efforts contributing to localisation while articulating activities required to support a more enabling environment for a locally-led humanitarian response at a country-level. This roadmap will serve as an annex to the GNC 2022-2025 strategy in support of a strategic shift for the second term.

The roadmap is divided into three parts:

  • Part I provides background information and key concepts, such as clarifying that local and national actors (LNAs) include both state-actors and non-state actors, while establishing the need for a localisation roadm­ap for the GNC. 
  • Part II highlights the ongoing GNC contributions to localisation. 
  • Part III, The Road Ahead, articulates the GNC Localisation Theory of Change, explains the consultative-collaborative model followed to develop the roadmap, and details the 42 activities proposed for the GNC.

The 42 activities are organised in an 8-point plan in alignment with IASC Recommended Actions to increase participation, representation, and leadership of LNAs in IASC humanitarian coordination mechanisms, as well as the three GNC Strategic Objectives (People; Operational & Technical Support; Enabling Environment). 

The 8-point plan includes activities for the GNC to foster a more enabling environment around: 

  1. Participation and representation.
  2. Leadership.
  3. Capacity strengthening.
  4. Resourcing for coordination. 
  5. Visibility. 
  6. Preparedness, response and humanitarian-development-peace collaboration. 
  7. Areas of accountability and monitoring. 
  8. Other, which focuses on promoting anti-racism and localisation principles and updating GNC guidance for evidence generation and knowledge management.
GNC Consultative-Collaborative Roadmap development process

The GNC is dedicated to realising the activities in this roadmap while learning from the process and adjusting the direction of this work with an adaptive management strategy. 

"The ultimate aim is for the GNC to support a locally-driven, locally-led, and locally-owned response to better and more sustainably meet the needs of affected populations."

GNC Localisation Roadmap 2024-2025

The recording of the launch event for the roadmap, "Walking the talk on localisation in Nutrition Clusters", is available here.



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