The ERP approach and guide is designed to help countries prepare for and respond to emergencies. Embracing the ERP approach will strengthen Nutrition Clusters/sectors’ capacities to implement and scale up a timely and coordinated response from the early phase of emergencies, to prevent widespread catastrophe and protect the nutritional status of the affected populations.

Why is having an emergency preparedness plan necessary?

During the onset (first three to four weeks) of any emergency, a plan must be in place to ensure a timely, effective and efficient response. The aim of an Emergency Response Preparedness (ERP) plan is to optimize the speed and volume of assistance delivery by focusing on the initial phase of an emergency and doing so in a coordinated manner.

To strengthen country Nutrition Clusters’ capacities to reach a higher level of preparedness and increase early and timely Nutrition responses in emergencies, the GNC updated its existing preparedness guidance and developed several additional tools to support standardizing and systematizing the ERP approach.

The GNC ERP toolkit* comprises of:
  • The interim ERP step by step guide (see Featured Resources below for English, French, and Spanish)
  • ERP plan template (see Featured Resources below for English, French, and Spanish as well as for an imaginary example country)
  • Preparedness Action Workplan (see Featured Resources below for English, French, and Spanish as well as for an imaginary example country)
  • A 2-pager that gives a brief overview of ERP 
  • ERP online forms – to support each step of the planning process and how to build an ERP plan dashboard
  • The ERP Dashboard (see below)
  • ERP e-learning modules on GNC Learn
  • Nutrition ERP workshop package – for a Country level workshop for Nutrition Clusters/sectors to facilitate their ERP process independently, with minimal external support (available upon request)

*Please note that most documents in the toolkit are currently available in English and Spanish, and will be translated into French soon.

How prepared is your country to respond to an emergency?

Click here to evaluate your Nutrition Cluster's current level of nutrition emergency preparedness.

Guidance note: Nutrition CoordinationNutrition in Emergency Series, Emergency Nutrition Preparedness

Additional information:

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