Delivery Systems for Scale

Delivery Systems for Scale

These resources are intended to serve as enduring contributions to the global effort to scale up wasting treatment in the years ahead. 


In July 2022, the USAID announced unprecedented funding for the rapid scale-up of wasting treatment services – a $284 million global award to UNICEF and $217 million awards directly to WFP country offices. This one-time commitment was the most significant, single investment toward wasting treatment in history providing a unique and time-bound influx in funding directed towards increasing treatment coverage across 13 high-priority countries. Together with USAID and UNICEF, the International Rescue Committee (IRC), Action Against Hunger and Save the Children led the ‘Delivery Systems for Scale’ project which provided technical and coordination support in direct alignment with USAID supplemental funding.


Running from December 2022 to September 2023, our project focused on three core areas: Country-Driven Support, Coordination, and Learning. This strategic framework enabled us to swiftly support six countries: Chad, Madagascar, Nigeria, Kenya, Somalia, and Yemen. Over its 10-month implementation, the DSFS project delivered a total of 67 outputs aligned with countries’ requests on topics ranging from developing national SOPs to implement simplified protocols, creating scale-up plans with accompanying monitoring tools and frameworks, and making recommendations on national supply chain risk management.


In addition to developing strategic country-level planning resources, we documented a compendium of case studies on their approaches to scale treatment. We developed country case studies and hosted 2 global webinars featuring countries’ approaches to adapt treatment during exceptional circumstances and innovations to reach the last mile. We also conducted a global scale study to identify key milestones and boosters to scaling efforts over the past decade. 


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