WHO estimates that 15% of any given population is living with a disability and the number is often higher in populations that experience poverty, natural disaster or conflict. Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO) and Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) are the key basis for humanitarian response planning, if the inclusion of persons with disabilities are not accurately reflected in these documents it is likely the needs of persons with disabilities will not be comprehensively addressed in the response.  This may lead to vulnerabilities and heightened needs of persons with disabilities going unaddressed.

The Cross Cutting Themes Disability Workstream has conducted a review of disability inclusion in 2022 (English language only) HNO and HRP nutrition chapters.The purpose of the review was to assess to what extent Nutrition chapters had considered the specific needs of persons with disabilities in their assessments and response planning.  The HNO and HRP reviews did well  in recognising that people with disabilities are vulnerable group of persons, but they had limitations when it came to describing the specific barriers and needs of persons with a disability when accessing nutrition services.  

Attached is a brief report of the findings and a 2-page tip sheet presenting recommendations for how to strengthen disability inclusion in future HNOs/HRPs.These findings and tip sheets may also be helpful resources for organisations conducting other needs assessments. 

These resources are available Here 


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