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Publication: 04.02.2021

Review of Opportunities and Challenges for Strengthening Humanitarian and Development Linkages for Nutrition | Myanmar

This case study is one of three, which form the basis for a global report commissioned by the Global Nutrition Cluster (GNC) and the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement Secretariat (SMS) to capture experiences from crisis-affected states (CAS) and suggest practical options to strengthen the Humanitarian-Development Nexus (HDN) for greater nutrition outcomes. The countries included in the study have areas that have suffered very long-standing crises, yet often the outdated dichotomy of humanitarian  response versus development program- ming is still adopted.  

In Myanmar, the focus of the case study was to identify how the Nutrition in Emergencies Technical Working  Group, the Myanmar Nutrition Tech- nical Network (MNTN) and all SUN stakeholders could further contribute to building an effective HDN for nutrition.


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