Photo Credit: © Brooke Bauer, Borena, Ethiopia, 2023 07 DEC 2023
Photo Credit: © Brooke Bauer, Borena, Ethiopia, 2023 07 DEC 2023

The GNC Technical Alliance and the global Technical Working group on the use of CVA for nutrition outcomes are pleased to invite you totheupcomingWebinar:  

“NutVal: A spreadsheet application for planning and monitoring food assistance‘’ 

December 7th 2023, 2:00pm UK time (3:00pm GMT+1/CET/Geneva Time)  

Recording available here!

Following a request from practitioners, we have organized a series of webinars to orient practitioners on the use of the tools (Nutval and CotD) and their potential use for the calculation of CVA for Nutrition transfer value. The first webinar took place on October 11th and it was an orientation on both tools and how to select them (recording available here). Second webinar took place on November 16th, 2023 and it was focused on the CotD software and methodology (recording available here).

In this third webinar, we will provide orientation on the use of NutVal in food assistance programmes. We will present the current version (v4.1) of the software and demonstrate how it can be used to calculate the nutritional value of a selected food baskets, save and compare different ration options, and visualise the results. We will also present a beta version of NutVal v5 and demo the proposed new functions that have been designed to make the software more user-friendly when working with CVA programmes. Your feedback on these new features will be sought, as well as volunteers for beta testing the new version! If possible, please download the current version of NutVal from https://www.nutval.net/ and set it up on your Windows computer before the session (sadly NutVal is not very Mac friendly).

There will also be a time for Q&A. 

The webinar will be in English with simultaneous translation into French, Spanish, Arabic and possibly in one or two other languages (depending on the interest, so register and express your language interest quickly!)  

Have questions? Email us at: Diane.Moyer@concern.net 

Photo Credit: Brooke Bauer, Borena, Ethiopia, 2023



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