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The GNC Technical Alliance and IFE Core Group are pleased to invite you totheupcomingWebinar: 

“Communicating Infant and Young Child Feeding during emergencies and the role of the media: Getting the right message across’’ 

October 31st 2023, 11:00am UK time (12:00pm GMT+1/CET/Geneva Time) 

 Recordings for this webinar are available on the following links:

Original recording, mix English and French HERE

In English HERE

In French  HERE

In Spanish HERE

   In Arabic HERE

Media and communication colleagues have an important role in raising attention and awareness around the needs and concerns of populations affected by emergencies. In this webinar, you will hear suggestions, recommendations, and tested experiences from colleagues working in humanitarian emergencies/crises and fragile contexts who have witnessed how communication and media are used in relation to infant and young child feeding in emergencies (IYCF-E). 

 Have questions? Email us at: ife@ennonline.net and aiellamo@fhi360.org 

Photo Credit: IFE Core Group


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