On behalf of the Humanitarian Needs Analysis Task Force of the NIS GTWG of the GTAM, a short presentation on the new Nutrition Humanitarian Needs Analysis Guidance that outlines the key steps for countries to conduct a nutrition situation analysis to inform response planning. 

Following the discussion with the Cluster Coordination Teams and the chairs of the Assessment/NIS working groups in the countries, we are now ready to pilot the guidance for the 2021 HNO/HRP process. The initiative to develop this guidance with the GTAM working group was a result of discussions to improve and standardize the quality analysis and reporting of the HNO and HRP nutrition components.

The guidance is primarily aimed at NCCs, IMOs, country NIS/AWG Chairs and partners. It outlines the steps for conducting a Nutrition Situation Analysis, identifying information for the Humanitarian Needs Overview, which feeds into response plans and updates, whether IASC Cluster system has been activated or not. This includes the development and implementation of an annual nutrition assessment plan and a nutrition situation analysis (or aligning it with IPC’s Acute Malnutrition results) along with major contributing factors, and calculation of the number of People in Need and other key figures.


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