The GNC Global Meeting took place virtually, with a 3- day main meeting from January 24th – 26th 2023, and additional days of side events dedicated to partner sharing on January 31st and February 1st.

In light of the current Global Food & Nutrition Crisis, the GNC Global Meeting will:
  1. Discuss common strategic priorities to meet the current crisis, and reflect on learnings from the response scale up and, what changes need to be made.

  2. Update GNC partners on progress made, including critical gaps and challenges with respect to the three Strategic Objectives of the GNC 2022-2025 Strategy – People, Operational & Technical Support and Enabling Environment.

  3. Examine country-level experiences and learning – what has been invested to date in: People, Operational & Technical Support and Enabling Environment, and what are the remaining gaps.

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PART ONE (24-26 January): Our Future 

The Global Meeting will focus on the 3 strategic objectives from the 2022-2025 GNC Strategy – People, Operational & Technical Support, and Enabling Environment: The Right People – in the Right Place – with the Right Skills.

Presentations will be uploaded after the conclusion of each day.

Day 1 - 24th January
Day 2 - 25th January
Day 3 - 26th January
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Poster Gallery 

The poster gallery provides an opportunity for GNC partners to share their work.

PART TWO (31 January & 1 February): Side Events 

The GNC Global Meeting Side Events are dedicated to sharing new ideas, research, case studies and best practices related to nutrition in emergencies. These sessions provide the opportunity for GNC partners to share their work.

Day 1 - 31st January
Day 2 - 1st February


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