Internal Engagement

GNC engages with internal stakeholders to help deliver the GNC strategic priorities by strengthening internal ways of working in the GNC partnership.

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Seminario del GNC sobre el processo HRP 2024

Estimad@s colegas coordenadores y gestores de la informacion,  El GNC les propone un seminario en espanol sobre el processo HRP 2024. Este seminario tendr...

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GNC internal engagement has the following objectives:

  • Partnerships and communications support the delivery of strategic priorities, such as engagement of the partners in participating in and leading working groups and task forces, engaging in GNC internal and external initiatives, delivering on the activities in the GNC work plan.
  • Responses are improved through the capture and application of learning, including active support to partners and countries to engage in learning/ knowledge management around preparedness, response and transition good practices and bottlenecks, including for cash for nutrition, multi-cluster and intra-cluster integration for nutrition outcomes,
  • GNC is sufficiently well-resourced to deliver its strategic priorities that are clearly outlines in the GNC work plan, adequately funded and delivered jointly by the GNC partners
Internal Engagement



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