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Wasting and COVID 19 Programme Adaptations Information Note 004

In the context of movement restrictions, in-person training may not be possible. In the context of COVID 19, suggested programme adaptations include temporarily transferring responsibility for treating wasting to Community Health Workers (CHWs). Therefore it is important to understand the app tools…


Always follow local ministry of health or other government regulations on mass gatherings and group meetings. Where the Ministry of Health (MOH) or government regulations are more stringent, follow those regulations. Where government regulations are less stringent, then the following WV…

Cameroon: Humanitarian Response Plan 2020 Revised (summary)

Humanitarian needs in Cameroon are increasing due to the escalation and intensification of violence and insecurity in 2019 and due to t...

Pakistan: COVID - 19 Situation Report, As of 01 July 2020

 The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Pakistan has risen to 213,470 as of 01 July. The most affected province due to the COVID-1...

Implementing and Monitoring Community Engagement Activities in the Era of Physical Distancing

This document provides guidance on how to adapt and monitor community engagement activities within Risk Communication and Community Engagements (RCCE) plans to fit physical distancing measures in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. The guidance provided is to be contextualized and adapted to country…

Ukraine: National Health Cluster Meeting - 11 June 2020 [En]

Minutes from the National Coordination Meeting of the Health Cluster, held on 11 June in Kyiv. 

Ukraine: Health Cluster Bulletin #7 - May-June 2020 [EN]

Summary of Health Cluster activities for the period of May-June 2020.

Wasting and COVID 19 Programme Adaptations Information Note 003

Community Health Workers (CHWs) are increasingly being given greater responsibility in the management of wasting. In recent years, many programmes have begun decentralising treatment of wasting to this cadre. This decentralised model has significant potential for ensuring access to treatment in…

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