Ukraine: 3W/4W Nutrition cluster Template V1

The 3W/4W matrix aims to understand the operational presence and activities of the Nutrition Cluster partners in response to humanitarian emergencies. The tool refers to What, Who, Where, and When. It enables organizations to help identify potential partners, quickly give an understanding of the on-going response, and superficially identify potential overlaps or gaps in response. 3W/4W Template The matrix must be filled and updated by the partners on a weekly basis. Please send the files to: Shabib AlQobati <>.   When naming the file, please follow this convention: YYYYMMDD_Ukraine_3W_ORG_Nutrition_V_1 .xlsx YYYY: 4 digits for the year (i.e. 2022) MM: 2 digits for the month (i.e. 03 for march) Ukraine_3W_ Organization Acronym (i.e. MDM, UNICEF…) – will help i.e. 20220316_Ukraine_3W_UNICEF_Nutrition_V1.xlsx   Please, take a moment to read the instructions in the first sheet: "INSTRUCTIONS" For more information, please contact to:Shabib AlQobati <>


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