Request support on coordination, information management, integration for nutrition outcomes or technical nutrition in emergencies assistance.

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Training of Trainers for Mother-to-Mother breastfeeding support groups

Contents: The purpose of this course is two fold: to train community health workers to facilitate infant feeding mother-to-mother suppo...

IFE Modules 1 & 2: Evaluation of IFE Training Modules 1 & 2

Evaluation of Infant Feeding in Emergencies Training Modules 1 & 2. Chloe Angood, ENN. Feb 2006 GIFA/ENN/IFE Core Group, Infant and...

IFE Module 1 - ARCHIVE

Note: This module has now been updated to Module 1, v2.1, 2010. Module 1. Infant feeding in emergencies. For emergency relief staff. ...


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