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Re-lactation, hand expression and cup feeding a brief guide for aid workers

Annex VIII form the Ad hoc committee report on IFE. Policy, Strategy & Practice, 1999

Management of severe malnutrition: A manual for physicians and other senior health workers

Available online at: Has very little about infants < 6 months. A bit about using cups never bo...

Infant feeding in emergencies A 1 pager about how b-feeding saves lives and the myths about breastfeedin...

Indicators: Infant and Child Feeding Indicators Measurement Guide (old)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The IYCF indicators are in the process of being updated - see: Indicators for Assessing IYCF Practices. Conclusions of ...

The Weaning Project: Improving Young Child Feeding Practices in Indonesia

An old report but contains pictures, leaflets and other material that they used.


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