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Tchad: Compte rendu de la réunion du cluster de nutrition du 30 Mars2021

Tchad: Compte rendu de la réunion du cluster de nutrition du 30 Mars2021

IFE Core Group meeting report 2020

Meeting Overview The IFE Core Group 2020 Annual Meeting was held from 4 - 12 November 2020, hosted by the Emergency Nutrition Network ...

IASC guidance on Strengthening Participation, Representation and Leadership of Local and National Actors in IASC Humanitarian Coordination Mechanisms

This Guidance aims to support efforts to strengthen the meaningful participation, representation, and leadership of local and national ...

Multi-sectoral Nutrition Programming- Exploring Impact

Executive Summary Multi-sector nutrition programmes (MSNPs) have gained increasing prominence over the last two decades in order to a...

Burundi: Flash Update N°1 : Inondations des zones riveraines du lac Tanganyika - 24 avril 2021 [FR]

  FAITS SAILLANTS Depuis 2015, le niveau du lac Tanganyika a sensiblement monté, dépassant le niveau normal. Cette montée inquiétan...

NiE and COVID-19 training package

Adapted Emergency Nutrition programing Guidance during COVID-19 Pandemic-Volunteers Training Package developed by UNICEF and nutrition ...

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