Standard Operating Procedure for Emergency Response Teams

This IYCF-E SOP was developed to illustrate what steps to take and when to take them during the first year of an IYCF-E response. The SOP is intended to implement actions and recommendations reflected  in the Operational Guidance on Infant Feeding in Emergencies (OG-IFE).

The purpose of this SOP is to provide recommendations on actions that need to be taken under each of the 6 steps during specific timelines in an emergency response to ensure timely, appropriate and effective protection, promotion and support for safe and appropriate feeding for infants and young children in emergencies. This SOP hopes to encourage the use of the IFE Core Group Resources, the Save the Children IYCF-E Toolkit and different guidelines and tools developed by the Global Nutrition Cluster Technical Alliance  and governments by referring to them multiple times throughout the document. The latest version of the IYCF-E Toolkit (v3) is a repository of various resource materials on IYCF-E. It has been translated in Arabic and French and can be accessed through this link.


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