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Singapore Red Cross donate food packs containing milk biscuits for babies, Indonesia, News article

Also available from: and

SC Alliance Assessment of IYCF Practices Post-Earthquake

Note the questionnaire in the annex of this report does not contain all the questions on health and nutrition that were asked by UNICEF...

Nutrition technical support intervention targeting children under 2 years - Concept note

Concept Note: Nutrition technical support intervention targeting children under 2 -years by Mary Corbett. Consultant for Save the Child...

Infant Feeding in Emergencies - Indonesia & Lebanon Responses

Save the Children: Children in Emergencies & Crisis. English Vol 2 No 1 Winter 2006 Middle East Responding to the Crisis - page 8 ...

Health and nutrition survey for children, Indonesia

Questionnaire used by UNICEF and other actors to assess health and nutrition of children < 2 years post-earthquake. The data from t...

Example breastfeeding assessment individual questionnaire, ACF

Example field tool used by ACF in Indonesia to conduct a breastfeeding assessment at the individual level.

Breastfeeding saves lives after earthquake Indonesia: newsletter/radio/video/photos

Piece about breastfeeding and saving lives after the earthquake BY Jane O'Brien in UNICEF At a glance.Has photos in it:


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