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Wet nursing - Wet nurse feeds China quake babies

Two reports of the same police woman wet nursing in China following earthquake: Reuters CNN (1) Reported by Helen Long, Reuters - inc...

Wet Nursing - Rescue efforts of a hero

Two media stories of same woman: Rescue e...

Milk powder and diapers greatly needed in quake-hit areas, China, News article

Milk powder & diapers greatly needed in quake-hit areas *By* Pang Li ( May 19, 2008) "Presently milk powder is not a...

Infant feeding in emergencies. Guidance for relief workers in Myanmar and China During emergency situations, whether manmade or natural disasters su...

Hong Kong earthquake aid tied up in red tape, news article,hong-kong-earthquake-aid-tied-up-in-red-tape.html Posted Wed 23 July 2008 Hong Kong - Relief ...

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