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Lansa Working Paper - Women’s Agricultural Work and Nutrition in Pakistan: Findings from Qualitative Research

This paper is part of a larger exploratory study to answer the question: how might women's work in agriculture help rather than hinder ...

Wet nursing - Wet nurse feeds China quake babies

Two reports of the same police woman wet nursing in China following earthquake: Reuters CNN (1) Reported by Helen Long, Reuters - inc...

Wet Nursing - Rescue efforts of a hero

Two media stories of same woman: Rescue e...

Milk powder and diapers greatly needed in quake-hit areas, China, News article

Milk powder & diapers greatly needed in quake-hit areas *By* Pang Li ( May 19, 2008) "Presently milk powder is not a...

Hong Kong earthquake aid tied up in red tape, news article,hong-kong-earthquake-aid-tied-up-in-red-tape.html Posted Wed 23 July 2008 Hong Kong - Relief ...

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