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With poverty so immense, how we help is crucial

Tanya Plibersek, Australian politician, comments on Australian foreign policy, and inappropriate use of infant formula

Infant Feeding in Emergencies article: Breastfeeding is the safest option

Article that explains why breastfeeding is the safest infant feeding option in emergencies. The article highlights a helpline people ca...

Infant Feeding in Emergencies - Indonesia & Lebanon Responses

Save the Children: Children in Emergencies & Crisis. English Vol 2 No 1 Winter 2006 Middle East Responding to the Crisis - page 8 ...

Health workers: WHO Guidelines for use of breastmilk substitutes in emergency situations, Lebanon

On web for the Lebanon confict to be given to health workers for info, contains guidelines and also has copies of COUNSELLING CARDS th...

Distribution of infant formula during the Lebanon crisis

Report of a survey on who distributed infant formula during the Lebanon conflict in 2006 - Annex includes a copy of the questions asked...


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